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My thought lay at the bottom of the ocean 

Trying to make a pen that looks more traditional? idk if it really worked tho

Im so emotionally distressed at the ending of Aldnoah

A chart i did to keep on top of all of my you youkai oc’s;;; altho i should really draw a big picture w all of them in it

sometimes i draw moe sometimes not

Don’t cry, everyone came out to cheer you on

A thank u gift i drew for kiwiggle the other day 

kiwiggle asked: a rabid gingerbread man



In the spirit of Halloween, what type of monster could you see me as?

what would u guys think of me downloading a movie making program and making pv’s and other cute things?? i have always wanted to do that ever since i was little and idk i think it would be fun to actually try it out;;;

what do u guys think?