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More from the fire emblem 69 min challenge! The theme was vocaloid and idk why i thought i could attempt drawing Cynthia as bottle miku in only 69 mins it was such a race for time www ;;;

Did the FE:A 69min challenge on twitter the other day

Got round to watching Aldnoah Zero!! waaah so emotional and cool! 

Nozomi!!! <33333333 

Firefly youkai oc Hohaku!!

She lives in forests and enjoys the company of fireflies 

Apparently we are doing the what the artist looks like compared to their art style meme???

I finally found you

not too happy w this but i need to at least try to get back into a cg habit! so have some lame pkmn feelings 

some stuff for dokutamama i just realised i never uploaded.

Rin and all of her dokubabies

more love live spam 

Also! HBD Honoka!!!!! w/o u μ’s would never have been formed!


Bookmarks i’ve been working on! im selling them at hyper japan and the left overs will be sold online! s-so please look out for them if your interested!

My store is now up and these are now ready for purchase!